Red Flags to look out for when hiring trades people.

Trust is a massive thing when it comes to renovating a home successfully. As most of us can’t be on site 24/7, how can we be sure that the tradespeople carrying out the work won’t make a mess or annoy our neighbours. Apart from sneaking home every couple of hours to check up on who we’ve hired, there’s not much we can do when things get going. .This has the potential to leave us out of pocket and in a mess.

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Summer is here, at last, with all of its enjoyable warm-weather activities: picnics, hiking, fishing, gardening, swimming, boating, barbeques, and, of course, celebrating the holidays.  Unfortunately, it’s a fact of nature that all of these are accompanied by a certain amount of risk.  Grey Army wants you to have a safe and wonderful time this summer.  So, we have a created the below list of tips for you to keep in mind to reduce the risk of spending any time being treated for injuries from easily avoidable accidents.


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Making Your Kitchen Senior Friendly

We all value our privacy and our independence, but these shouldn’t come at the expense of our health and well-being. As we age, staying in our own home becomes more difficult because of the rising safety concerns.  We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens and engage in a variety of potentially risky tasks. Adjustments to our kitchens are particularly important.

The costs of a kitchen renovation can range from small to large; the following list provides some helpful ideas of senior-friendly adjustments.

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Proactive Work Around Your Home Can Help Save You Time And Money In The Long Run

Are you noticing small issues around your house? like the slow-running drain or toilet, the water trickling out around the base of taps, cracks in plaster, chipped caulk around windows or small water stains. You say to yourself I’ll fix that soon, but for most of us there isn’t enough time or knowledge to tend to every little issue, so the ‘soon’ is dragged out for weeks to months. Then you are facing a much bigger and more expensive issue. To help avoid this predicament let’s take a look at the warning signs that precede potential disasters, focusing on those areas where problems commonly show up.

GUTTERS: Are your gutters fill to the brim with rain and creating pools around the base of your home? If left unattended to, this could cause extensive damage to your home foundation. However, an easy fix is available. Your gutters need a good cleaning to remove the clogged dead leaves and debris. This will help stop the growth of mould and the overflow of rain.

BATHROOM AND DRAINS: Some bathroom issues are easier to spot than others. For example, water seeping out around taps or around toilets is clearly a leak problem. This can be somewhat inexpensive to fix if done so promptly. However, some bathroom issues are trickier. For example, a slow draining sink. You most likely reach for a heavy duty de clogging product, these rarely fix the issue just prolong it. Instead you should hire a plumber to professionally snake out your drains before the issue develops beyond repair.

ROOF: Naturally the average person doesn’t find themselves on top of their roof often. The most common way we first see roof issues is through stains in the ceiling or dripping during rain. However, by now the issue is rather extensive and fixing it is expensive. Being proactive and having regular roof inspections could save you time and money.

HEATERS: Is your heater not reaching the desired temperature? Can you smell dust when your heater system is on? Is your heater system taking longer than usual to warm up? These are all signs that your heater system needs tending to. And while it may be painful to your bank account to have your heater system regularly cleaned and checked, the dividends it pays off down the road are well worth the short-term costs. Not just monetary costs but also the cost of your life. Faulty heater systems can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If any of these tips have you realising you need some proactive work done around your home call Grey Army on 13 11 98 and we can help keep your home safe and sturdy.

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