Red Flags to look out for when hiring trades people.

Trust is a massive thing when it comes to renovating a home successfully. As most of us can’t be on site 24/7, how can we be sure that the tradespeople carrying out the work won’t make a mess or annoy our neighbours. Apart from sneaking home every couple of hours to check up on who we’ve hired, there’s not much we can do when things get going. .This has the potential to leave us out of pocket and in a mess.

Yes, most of the time, tradespeople are qualified, polite and get the job done, but what are the red flags to look out for if someone is trying to rip you off. To save you fretting while you work, we’ve compiled a list on what to look out for, so you can spot the dodgy tradesmen from the good. Looking out for these major signs, early on in your journey, will save you a lot hassle.

One obvious sign is the state of the tradesperson personal appearance and equipment. If they don’t care about keeping themselves and their equipment clean and tidy, why would they care about keeping your space clean and tidy.

Another is unsigned vehicles. Tradespeople who are proud of their past work and want to be recognised clearly will have their name and or company displayed on their vehicles.

Tardiness is a massive red flag. Most eager tradespeople will be on site early and ready to work. Unless, they have legitimate reasons for being tardy this is something you shouldn’t tolerate.

Get as many references as you can or ask to see examples of their previous projects. That way you know what you are getting into and what you can expect.

Not providing written quotes. Keeping a paper trail is very important to protect yourself in the future. If they aren’t willing to provide paper quotes inform them, you will continue your search. Furthermore, these quotes should show in depth details on what the money is being spent on and a timetable of the job to completion.

If they only accept upfront cash payments. Fairly obvious, that this person doesn’t believe in their work. Who knows where that money will go.

Lack of current police check. Again, this one is obvious why wouldn’t you want those entering your house to be clear of any wrongdoing.

Up to date insurance and be able to provide proof. That way if anything were to go wrong in your house. You are all covered.

Lastly and most importantly, communication. Communication is vital when it comes to trusting people to work on your home or property. We value open, frequent and honest communication. We have a dedicated call centre at your disposal. So, if for any reason you can’t get on to your tradesperson you can contact us, and we can answer any question you may have and even promptly follow up the tradesperson for you.