Time to bring your plants in.

It’s the season when outdoor plants move inside. You might have sent your houseplants to your deck or perhaps you have some tender tropical’s that need to be overwintered indoors. But before your plants come inside, a trip to the garden store can solve any potential problems.

Plants should come in once the night time temperatures start to fall below ten every single night. By bringing them in before there is danger for frost, you allow these plants a chance to adjust to indoor conditions before your heater comes on. And a shopping list of supplies will make the process easier and keep your plants healthier.

Many people are concerned about bringing insects in along with their plants. There are a few easy steps you can take that will prevent this from happening. First of all, pick up the pots and check the entire plant carefully. Look to see if there are slugs underneath or ants coming out of the drainage hole.

Next, spray the plant with insecticide, the first item for your list. Spray a plant outside so that you can coat stems and both sides of leaves well, letting the excess drip off onto the ground.

If you’ve been plagued with fungus gnats in the past, begin adding Spinosad to the can every time you water the plants. Spinosad is an organic bacterium that kills the larvae of fungus gnats. These larvae eat plant roots, but if those roots are regularly doused with Spinosad, the gnat larvae will die.

Finally, when you’re picking up the insecticide and Spinosad at the garden store, get a package of sticky fly traps. These are usually bright yellow in colour and shaped like a flower. Insects are attracted to the colour yellow, and because these traps are very sticky they get stuck on the flowers and die. Sticky fly traps are helpful for controlling a range of insects, and allow you to see if there’s a large population of bugs in your plants or just a random few.

Before you head to the garden store for these items, check to see if you have enough plastic saucers for under the pots. One of the main reasons people don’t water their indoor plants well is that they are afraid that the water will spill over the dishes and ruin their floors. But little watering usually results in dried leaf tips or dead plants. This can be prevented if you use a plastic saucer that’s a few inches wider than the pot and deep enough to hold the overflow.

Once you’re armed with a few helpful products you will enjoy being surrounded by indoor greenery all winter long. If you need further help with any gardening needs one of our many professional service people can help.