Reasons to buy a franchise

Making the choice to become your own boss is a massive life decision. Then deciding whether to buy an existing business or invest in a franchise can make the choice even more complicated.

Below is a list of benefits and reasons to buy a franchise, to help see if its right for you.

  • It’s a growing sector

With over 1,160 business format franchisors in Australia.

  • You’re buying a proven formula.

When you buy into a franchise like Grey Army, you buy a proven system with a set way of doing business. Grey Army has already created a solid foundation that can easily be put into action. Everything from marketing, services, dedicated locations and potential customers are ready for you to get started. Eliminating a lot of stress and set up time you might face.

  • There is guaranteed support.

Starting a business can be intimidating. But with a franchise you don’t have to do it alone. Grey Army not only bring the buying power of an established network. They also have dedicated head office senior staff and a call center at your disposal. Meaning just by picking up the phone you will get the help you need. Grey Army are committed to seeing you succeed and will offer advice where needed.  Furthermore, you can form a relationship with likeminded franchisees.

  • Brand Power

Probably one of the best benefits from buying a franchise is the fact that you are working with an already established brand. Meaning customers already recognize, trust and use these services. Brand is often associated with reputation. So, joining a reputable long running business that already has an establish corporate image means you reap the benefits of experience, knowledge and a customer base already familiar with your offerings.

  • You can still be your own boss

Being a franchisee is a little different to starting a small company or buying an existing business. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t call the shots. But just remember there is a business structure already in place. If you follow the formula and systems of the franchise, your odds of success increase.

  • Built in Training

A great benefit of joining an established brand is the training program. You’ll be fully inducted, learning everything from the business structure, to polices and invoicing. This preparation helps set you up for success. With a tried and true training structure you will avoid making mistakes many new business owners face.

  • You get a head start

Having a strong name attached to your services will help get your business off the ground. You won’t need to do the initial leg work of getting your name out there and generating business. At Grey Army opportunities are waiting for you to conquer.

  • Minimised Risk

Buying a franchise isn’t as big as a gamble as going on your own. While there are no guarantees of success, having the backing of an experienced brand with a proven system can fast track you to a prosperous business.

  • Work that suits you

At Grey Army we utilize your existing experience. We generate jobs based on your skill set and qualifications. Meaning you will be doing work you are good and want to do. No more putting off jobs or counting down to the weekend. Be inspired by your trade again and put it to good use.

Want to learn more about our Grey Army successful franchise structure and how you can take control of your future. Give us a call on 13 11 98