Low-lit dark rooms can prove challenging when it comes to choosing a paint colour. As the day progresses, these rooms change from dim to dark, and the less natural night a room receives the smaller the room will look.

Despite the fact that our natural instincts instruct us to use a light colour in dark rooms, there are actually alternative options which could produce better results.

The more common pastels and light colours can actually present a non-desired atmosphere as they will try and reflect non-existing light. Instead you should be confident with your colour play because dark rooms are the perfect opportunity for fun, daring and vibrant colour play.

You should explore brightly saturated colours that add glow.  This becomes the perfect substitute for the lack of natural light.

The daring lime greens, rich blues, popping violets and glowing tones of orange can create life in any room with a burst of individual personality.

See how these glowing colours transfer dark rooms into radiating rooms that speak for themselves…

Energising Lime Green

lime green

A lime green is a refreshing burst of energy for dark rooms of all sizes. It helps you to walk into the room and feel revitalised Though it’s usually only seen on accent walls, a dimly lit room makes a perfect case for all four walls to be lime. It’s an ideal way to cheer up dens and living rooms that are in need of a vibrant effect.

Bold Orange


Continue your confident streak and don’t be afraid of beautiful, bold oranges. They create the attention-grabbing effect of red without the over dramatic effects. Since they contain hues of red, they possess a warm yet bold effect. It also creates a comforting atmosphere as a colour that is easy on the eyes.

Vivid Purple


Purple can add a whirlwind of charm and character to an all-white bedroom or living room. It can add personality, style and modernity. Purple is also linked to royalty so give your home the royal treatment with a touch a purple.

Bright Blue


Adding blue to your home creates an instant calm and peaceful feeling. Since blues go well with either light or dark colours it gives you the chance to further explore room décor options of all types.