Summer Gardening Tips

Preparation is critical for your garden to survive the wilting effects of the Australian Summer. Summer means different things to different gardeners. Some parts of Australia bake in the harsh rays, while other parts are bashed with storms. But for all of us, summer brings common challenges, such as dividing time and effort between keeping our gardens in good shape, and enjoying them during the summer holidays. Below are some tips to help you try and achieve both.

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Enjoy your summer safely

Summer is here, at last, with all of its enjoyable warm-weather activities: picnics, hiking, fishing, gardening, swimming, boating, barbeques, and, of course, celebrating the holidays.  Unfortunately, it’s a fact of nature that all of these are accompanied by a certain amount of risk.  Grey Army wants you to have a safe and wonderful time this summer.  So, we have a created the below list of tips for you to keep in mind to reduce the risk of spending any time being treated for injuries from easily avoidable accidents.

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Tips to make your home cooler and more energy efficient this summer

Summer brings a lot of great things our way—more daylight, beautiful gardens and trips to the beach. But in Australia it also brings considerably warmer temperatures, particularly inside our homes.  Air conditioning is a blessing, but it’s also a significant amount of energy- and money-grabber and not all of us can afford this luxury. If you are without an air conditioner do not fret, here are a handful of other suggestions for cooling your house during those pleasant, but overly warm summer days.

Energy experts suggest you look for the ways to reduce the natural heat your residence collects from the sun.  Conduct an inspection of your windows and consider putting up awnings or look into installing reflective window film.  This not only helps to cool your home in summer, it also blocks the ultraviolet rays that tend to fade fabrics and furniture.

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Making Your Kitchen Senior Friendly

We all value our privacy and our independence, but these shouldn’t come at the expense of our health and well-being. As we age, staying in our own home becomes more difficult because of the rising safety concerns.  We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens and engage in a variety of potentially risky tasks. Adjustments to our kitchens are particularly important.

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Spring Landscaping Spruce

As the days get longer and warmer, our attention naturally turns toward spring and summer activities, but this is also an ideal time to spruce up your properties exterior with the help of a landscaper. The way in which we landscape our properties has undergone a big shift in the last several years, for a number of reasons.  Many homeowners simply don’t have the time to devote to maintaining a yard the way they have done in the past and tighter water restrictions have made it more difficult and expensive to maintain an expansive lawn and as a result, homeowners have begun to reconsider the ways in which they design their yards and gardens.  These are a few of our favourite landscaping trends for drier climates… Continue reading “Spring Landscaping Spruce”

Proactive Work Around Your Home Can Help Save You Time And Money In The Long Run

Are you noticing small issues around your house? like the slow-running drain or toilet, the water trickling out around the base of taps, cracks in plaster, chipped caulk around windows or small water stains. You say to yourself I’ll fix that soon, but for most of us there isn’t enough time or knowledge to tend to every little issue, so the ‘soon’ is dragged out for weeks to months. Then you are facing a much bigger and more expensive issue. To help avoid this predicament let’s take a look at the warning signs that precede potential disasters, focusing on those areas where problems commonly show up.

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Safety Risks for Google Handyman & DIYers

Recently, more Aussie have been trying their hand at dangerous DIY jobs. With a power tool and a smart phone in hand, it seems like anyone can easily become a certified handyman. However, Google how-to videos and articles fail to account for the skill gap that many ambitious DIYers face.

Home DIY projects gone wrong are becoming a serious health and safety issue in Australia. Sure, attempting your own DIY projects to save a few dollars might sound tempting, but are you really willing to put your safety and the safety of your family at risk? Cutting corners, time and materials could end up costing you more than just money.

Recent hospital statistics shows upwards of 25,000 DIY handymen are admitted each year, most with serious injuries. Professor Tim Driscoll, from the University of Sydney, who studies the epidemiology of work-related injuries and diseases found the most common injuries DIY’s face are falls from inadequately braced ladders, contact with fire and flames, and contact with electricity during maintenance. Other injuries reported were DIYers using power tools incorrectly.

It is important to entrust professional to dangerous DIY jobs. At Grey Army we vow to provide affordable and safe services. Please don’t put your family at risk. Trust us to do the job the right to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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