Old Fashioned Values and Integrity – The Grey Army

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Home and property maintenance service – The Grey Army

The Grey Army puts real customer service at the heart of all we do.
Our network of skilled tradespeople is more diverse than you may think, some for example are not a grey as others. Regardless of their hair colour all are committed to our pledge of “Old Fashioned Values and Integrity”
While domestic services remain the core of our business, we are recognised in the community as a central source of all home and property maintenance services, large and small. Satisfying the demand from commerce, industry, government, community groups and retailers is a growing part of our Commercial division.

Our 13 11 98 phone number operates Australia wide directing callers to their nearest Grey Army office.

With a single phone call you can arrange for the services of one or a number of tradesmen. All our people will make an appointment, turn up on time, give a fair and reasonable quote, and have the skill to do the work.

That’s the Grey Army style.