tulips-2239236_1280It’s that wonderful time of year when you finally get to throw open your windows to let in the bright spring light and notice the layer of dust and grime that has built up in your home all winter. But don’t panic! Our versatile team is here to help you with all of your jobs that need to be done!

From the kitchen and bathroom to the deck area and the garden, we have highly skilled, mature, and reliable members to get the job done.

Here are home helpful hints and tips to help you get on your way this spring!

Before cleaning the rooms in your home, give your outdoor entryway some attention. Dust cobwebs by your porch light and change the bulb if needed, and wipe down the doorbell and mailbox. This will make the front of your entryway feel more welcoming every time you come home.

cleaning-268102_1280In the house, thorough vacuuming of all of the rooms in your home, making sure to go under furniture and cabinets, will make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness.

Try to tackle the bedrooms one at a time. Your bed sheets should be in the washer, and this is a great time to flip over your mattress. Wiping down fans and curtains are also good tasks before making up the bed.

In the bathroom, start by applying products that work at dirt without any scrubbing. Let those solutions do their magic while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Use some elbow grease in other spots, where grime has built up. Also toss expired medications, ointments, makeup, and sunscreen, along with other items that aren’t in everyday use.

Kitchen appliances, such as the cabinets, fridge, oven and microwave all need lots of attention. A good clean of the inside of those appliances, will make a huge difference in their use.

garden-waste-1047259_1280Out in the garden, your first task is to remove and compose any dead plants that have remained over winter. Deciduous trees, will have dropped their leaves in winter, so include those dead leaves in your pile. Early spring is also the time to take action against weeds with some pro-active weeding. The best time for weeding, is when the soil is damp and moist, because they will come out of the ground easier.

Mulch does many wonderful things for your garden; conserves water, cools plant roots, feeds the soil, and smothers weeds. Wait until the soil warms up and dries out a bit, before replenishing your mulch. Be sure to keep it away from the stems and crowns of your plants for the most effective use.

The finishing touch in the spring is…MORE edging. A crisp edge makes a garden bed look polished. It also helps prevent your lawn from crawling into your flower bed. Don’t underestimate the power of a clean edge, it looks tidy and professional.

With these spring cleaning tasks in mind, give our trusted team a call, so that we can help you out wherever it’s possible. We are guaranteed to bring you great customer service at fair and reasonable prices.

There’s no shame is asking for help, so if you need a helping hand this spring, be sure to give us a call for quality service and integrity.