Update your Fireplace

Thinking of renovating or building a new house? Here’s some inspiration to help create the perfect warm atmosphere with your fireplace.

If you’re over having an old and sooty fireplace, changing to a new heater can instantly give your lounge room a fresh, modern look.

If you live in an older home, you may notice that your fireplace is very shallow. This is typical of older homes as the fireplace was essential for heat, rather than pleasure. Modern fireplaces tend to have a deeper firebox which is much safer for your house and your family, as the logs burn further away from the actual room and its furnishings.

Traditional open fireplaces require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Luckily there are many options available if you are looking at updating your existing fireplace.

1. Fireplace Insert
: These are made to fit your existing fireplace, and transform it into a warmer, more efficient closed fireplace. Closed fireplaces burn much slower and hotter than open ones, keeping your house warmer with less upkeep.Insert

2. Gas Fireplace: Gas fireplaces are cleaner, cheaper and easier than a wood burning fire. No more chopping up wood outside in the cold, just simply flick a switch and you have heat. A timer can turn the heater off when you go to bed, and a thermostat can keep the temperature consistent.


3. Ethanol Burning Fireplace: Increasingly popular for their contemporary aesthetic, this eco-friendly alternative can be made in literally any design to fit any style home. Ethanol fireplaces produce no soot, ash or smoke while creating great heat from real flames.

4. Electric Fireplace: The most cost effective option, and the most customisable. Electric fireplaces can be set to any temperate with the ease of a remote and are loaded with additional functions. They also look incredibly pleasing in a modern setting.


Contact your local Grey Army handyman on 13 11 98 to help you create a great new look for your fireplace.