The ability to trust your handyman is something we feel passionate about here at Grey Army. Unfortunately handymen often get a bad reputation, in reality a small few are bad but the majority are good honest hardworking people. We want everybody to be able to trust the people working in their homes

We’ve put together a quick list so that you can have piece of mind about your handyman.


1. Use a registered tradesman.

Never use a handyman that isn’t a registered tradesman. Unregistered tradesman may not have the necessary skills to undertake a job, which could leave you with a below standard final product, or worse, an unsafe final product.

2. Make sure they’re insured.

If your handyman doesn’t have insurance, then alarm bells should be going off. General liability insurance is essential, and if the handyman will be employing others then so is workers compensation insurance. It’s important your handyman has these insurances in order to protect you if there is an accident on your property.

3. Make sure they have a current police check clearance.

It’s unfortunate but there are some dishonest handymen operating out there, by making sure they have a current police check clearance you can drastically improve your safety and avoid a run in with the wrong person.

4. Listen to recommendations.

One of the best ways to pick your handyman is through the recommendations of friends and family. If someone you know is friends with or has developed a working relationship with a handyman then it makes trusting them and welcoming them into your home much easier.

5.Get a quote upfront.

Getting several quotes and comparing them allows you to meet and get a feel for each handyman beforehand, which can aid in your decision making. The cheapest quote may seem the most attractive but be sure to take other factors into account. A quote upfront also gives you piece of mind and prevents you from a nasty shock when you get the bill.

6.Ask for testimonials.

If you’re unable to get the recommendation of someone you know then go for the next best thing. Ask your handyman for testimonials from past clients, or a website or Facebook page with examples of their work on it. This way you can see the quality of work they have delivered in the past.

7.Go with your gut.

Even if all the above check out but you have a gut that this person is not right for you then find someone you are more comfortable with. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Grey Army provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. Our handymen have full accreditation and insurance, they have current police check clearance and we guarantee their work. These assurances along with their competitive rates and years of experience make them a pleasure to work with.

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