Let’s face it, these days everybody is busy. Between working, caring for family members, doing those 100 tasks that come with modern living, you don’t have the time to look after your home and garden the way you would like. There is no shame in putting your hand up and saying you need help.

Where to go for trustworthy helpBut where should you go for that help? Who should you call? What you want is someone you can trust. You want to trust that what they say is what they will do. Whether that is the time they are coming or the way they finish the job, you want them to do what they said!

Honesty is also important – you need them to be honest. You want to know if they can’t do the job, or whether it is something they have done a hundred times before. The price quoted needs to be an honest price. That means it will be related to the costs incurred and the price on the invoice when you are asked to pay.

You hear a lot about the importance of a good education. There is lots to learn in each and every industry, so you need the tradesperson you hire to be qualified and experienced. They need to know what to do, how to do it and why they need to do it that way. They need to know what will happen if they do it a different way. No experimenting on your home please!

That does not mean they need to be a “stick in the mud” and only do things the way they were done 30 years ago. Let’s have tradespeople who are up-to-date with modern methods and styles.

Values is one of those words that gets thrown around but what does it mean when it comes to choosing someone to help you repair and maintain a home? Hopefully it means that the person you call will have the same values as you do. You hope they also value communication because, even though you can’t do the work yourself, you want to know clearly and concisely what they will do and how they will do it and any impact or consequences that need your consideration.

The handyman or woman needs to value time, theirs and yours. Waiting for someone to arrive, constantly checking the phone for messages, walking to the front window to see if the van is here. This is not good use of your time. So please, no wasting time, yours or theirs! That means don’t take time fiddling or chatting, wasting time and then charging you for it.

Happy CustomersIntegrity is the other value you want from the person who comes to help. Google says that integrity means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. That means telling you the truth, being honest about what they can do and being honest about the time and materials. You and your requirements need to be important and they need to treat you with respect.

When you call the Grey Army for your next home repair, Old Fashioned Values and Integrity, is what you can expect.