Outdoor seating_Grey ArmyThis summer is the perfect time for firing up the barbeque and inviting friends and family round for a sunny, backyard gathering.

Keep the festive spirit going and entertain all summer long with these tips for making your outdoor entertaining area the best it can be. Having the right equipment and setup is key for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.

If your outdoor area is covered, or semi-covered, consider outdoor section sofas that can be moved and arranged to suit the occasion. Benches along walls also create the illusion of more space and can be used as storage areas and the addition of cushions will add size and character to the setting. From tall tables to beanbags and benches, a variety of seating will maximise the number of guests you can accommodate with ease.

Outdoor table setting_Grey ArmyFor an outdoor barbeque area to be perfect, it is crucial that cooking, dining, and seating areas are all thought about and planned accordingly. The different zones should have an easy flow which allows guests to move between them.

It is essential to guard against the possible harsh sun. Most recommended is a roof-like covering or shaded area but oversized beach umbrellas are also a great way to keep cool and out of the sun during summer. It is advised that you have different shaded seating options, so people can be spread out and feel comfortable and not be bunched up under one umbrella.

If your gathering stretches past twilight, be sure to have appropriate and effective lighting. Before getting caught up in decorative ambient lighting, focus on functionality and direct lighting over the barbeque and eating areas. The right lighting will depend on how large your deck or barbequing area is.

Outdoor_kitchen_Grey ArmyAn outdoor barbeque area can easily be upgraded to an outdoor kitchen area. The main features that will create your outdoor kitchen are the bar, fridge and sink. These allow for fewer trips back and forth from the kitchen topping up drinks and taking food out of the fridge, as well as preparation and serving whilst in the outdoor space.

Another important feature of your outdoor entertaining space is music. Investing in speakers that carry the sound throughout the space will help you create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed Sunday with the family or a Saturday pool party alike.

These tips will ensure that your entertaining is as effortless and enjoyable as possible, and worth the hard work beforehand.

Happy barbequing and enjoy this festive season.