You know what every nice home has? A great deck. A well oiled, spacious veranda is an absolute essential for an Aussie home. Whether you’re reading the paper on a sunny morning, or firing up the barbie on a summer night, a deck is the ultimate relaxation zone. Just take a look at these incredible decks.
Weather it’s around your pool, extended over your garden or built around a fire pit, a well-built veranda will always look appealing.
Enjoy the outdoors by surrounding your outdoor living space with trees and plants, so you can breathe in fresh air in comfort.
A spacious deck also creates the perfect outdoor area for entertaining guests. It feels less claustrophobic, spills are easy to clean up, and your friends will love being outdoors on a nice night.

A deck is fairly quick to build and adds to the size of your house. Having a deck will also dramatically increase your home’s value. Most experts agree that you can realise 100% of your investment in a deck when you sell your property.

Building a deck needs to be done right so that it is safe. Give your local Grey Army Handyman a ring on 13 11 98 and your deck will be the envy of the neighbourhood in no time.